Reorganising my Stampin Space!

Organising our craft stash seems to one of those ongoing things that is in a constant state of flux. I haven’t been happy with my set up, well, since we moved to this house over 6 years ago.
In a recent discussion with my sister, she suggested that I use a Dresser that belonged to our parents and which has been stored at my sisters house since our beautiful Mum passed away 11 years ago.
So, this weekend, the Dresser is being delivered here, (it’s currently about three and a half hours drive away) and so over the next few days, I am going to be packing much of my stamping and crafting stash into boxes so that I can then sort, cull and organise it into it’s new home.
The bonus is that I will always have that little piece of my Mum and Dad with me while I am crafting.
So for the next few days, the Big Brown Boxes will have a new use (other than cat toy!!), and crafting will be minimal.

I have a couple of posts scheduled so that you will still get some ideas and inspiration from me, and I plan to be Live on Facebook at 10am on Monday morning, for Masculine Monday.

I’m sure that these two rascals, along with their third rascal friend, will enjoy every minute of “helping” me with the packing, sorting and moving things around. Wish me luck!!

See you on the flip side!