Taking a break.

I am going to be taking a complete break from blogging and from most of my crafting over the next few months, probably even six months, and possibly permanently.
Life is once again going in a different direction and I am not enjoying crafting the way I used to.
I was considering closing my blog down completely but I will keep it here for now and may occasionally share some of my colouring, but otherwise I will be taking a break.

Happy stamping,



Colours of Joy

Art Journal Day 3

Today was an exploration of the colours that really give me joy.  So many times in my past I have had people tell me what colours I should wear, or should decorate the house with etc.  Oh yes, they mean well with their advice, however they don’t take into consideration that perhaps the colours they like or think I should like, are not the colours that give me joy.    Many of that advice comes from early years, but it is still that voice in my head.
So I told the voice in my head to be quiet, picked a colouring page from a book, and chose colours that give me joy!
The reason I used a pre-printed colouring page, so that I could focus entirely on colour and not be thinking about design or anything else, just colour.

What do you think?
I used Alcohol Markers to colour my page.
I love, love, love these colours!  Some of the colours are not surprising, I love purples and pinks however I was always told I was better with pastels, but I just love the intensity of these purples and pinks.  The green, yellow and red really surprised me though, those are colours that I wouldn’t think of as “my” colours.
Having completed this journal page, I now find myself looking at the clothes I wear and realising how bland and uninteresting they are, and that I don’t like any of them.  For now I have to put up with my wardrobe and be patient, but the process has been started and from now on I will look differently at colour in all sorts of ways.
What are your colours?

Happy journalling.

Owl Colouring Page

I am really enjoying doing some colouring at the moment, as well as all the rest of the creativity going on, so just wanted to share this cute Owl page that I finished recently.

Aren’t they just so cute?
I have printed the page onto some white cardstock, and used Alcohol Markers to do my colouring.
This page comes from a fabulous website full of colouring pages that you can download for your own colouring.  The website is called Color Happy.  🙂

Happy colouring

But Who Am I?

Art Journal Post 2
Yesterday I started sharing my Art Journal pages, in a personal journey that I felt the need to share, and something that is going to be an ongoing journey. For how long is anyone’s guess.

What is Art Journalling?
I personally think that it is an individual journey, but it doesn’t have to take on any particular form.  It could just be a series of art pages where you learn about different aspects of art and try things out, and learn about your own strengths and weaknesses through art.
For other’s it might be about journalling the old fashioned way, writing down your thoughts and feelings, and adding some hand drawn pictures or doodles.
It might be a scrapbooking style of journalling.

Is there a right or wrong way?  I don’t believe so, I think that you do whatever feels write for you.  And that may change as you go along the journey.

Do you need to be an artist?  Definitely not.  The journey is just as much about learning new art skills, whether those are very basic skills or very advanced skills, doing what makes you feel happy and learning from it.

Tell me what you think about Art Journalling?  What have your experiences been?

Today I am sharing a page that I started quite some time ago, but hadn’t known quite how to finish it off, and today it was just right for what I wanted.  It is based on a project by fellow Kaszazz Consultant Amarylise Bessey called Art of Dreaming Art Journal Page.

The face comes from a Kaszazz colouring page which I have coloured with Alcohol Markers, then cut out and pasted onto my page.  I’ve then used Distress Oxide inks with lots of water and have painted them onto the page to extend the hair, and then outlined and doodled.  The words that go around the face are:

“But Who Am I?
Somewhere along the way, I lost the real me, I forgot who I truly am and what it means to be me.  Somewhere amongst the grief, the pain, the struggle, the mourning, the moving, trying to stay safe, trying to keep a rood over our heads, just trying to get through each hour, each day, wondering how on earth I am going to get through another year, I lost who I truly am!

  • Mum
  • Believer
  • Christina
  • Musician
  • Friend
  • Chris
  • Sister
  • Artist
  • Daughter
  • Chrissy
  • Aunt
  • Animal Lover
  • Educator

Yes, I am all of these things, but who am I really? What is my purpose?  Why am I here on this planet?”

Yeah, pretty much describes how I have been feeling, perhaps for years now.  And it has certainly got me wondering, perhaps I am here to share these pages and help other’s to realise that they can heal by putting their journey in this life down in some form of art.  I hope I can inspire someone to give it a go!

Happy stamping

Art Journalling

I am finally feeling brave enough to start sharing my Art Journalling pages.  Some of them were done last year and I will get to those as well.  Right now however, I am going through a process of art journalling, a personal journey, hopefully one that will help me to move forward, become more sure of myself and my creative side.  Along side of that, I am also doing a course in Art Therapy and I look forward to sharing some of my art that I create during that course.  I will be putting the Art Journal creations onto a separate page as well as this main one, so that you can follow along with my journey from the start if you wish to.
So here is today’s page.

And yes, this journey is going to be personal, at times it will probably be raw, and emotional.  However it will most definitely be honest.
And I will also share how I went about creating my pages.
Today’s page:  I start out with some Ranger inks which I smooched onto a craft sheet and then sprayed with water.  I then used a paint brush and painted approximate flower shapes randomly over my page, just adding colours as I wanted them.  I then spritzed a little more water over the paint to make it more washy.  Once that dried I took a word stencil ( in this case, the Kaszazz “Destiny” stencil), and picked out the letters I wanted to use, and sponged the letters on to my page.
Then I used Kaszazz Bricks stencil and sponged around the flowers and anywhere I wanted the brick background.
Last but not least, some doodling with a black Dylusions paint pen around the flowers, the words and up the side of the page, and added the writing.
And that’s it!  That is my first page in my very personal journey.  It’s personal but I do hope you will follow along and perhaps be brave enough to join me.

Did you know that you can buy a range of the gorgeous Ranger inks and other products through Kaszazz?  You can find them here: https://www.kaszazz.com/consultant/dotdotstamping   Just click on the “Shop with Me” button and you can search for any products you might need.

Happy stamping (Journalling)!


This fortnight at The Male Room, your challenge is to make something Symmetrical.

I have used a cool Kaszazz stamp for this one…..

it comes from the set called Hand Drawn Borders, and I have used the awesome Precision Press to line my stamps up, and so it ended up being a really quick and easy card to make.

Come on over to The Male Room, we would love to see your symmetrical projects.
Happy Stamping!