Jamie’s First Card

Firstly today I want to share with you a card my son made for me 🙂  Jamie is three and a half and has always loved it when I do stamping.  Recently he has started showing even more interest and started asking questions, like “Why are you embossing that, Mummy?”.  Yes he knows what embossing is and lots of other things too.  Anyway, yesterday he found a small piece of black cardstock, he held the two ends together and asked me for the bone folder.  When I gave it to him he tried to fold it, needed a little help with that bit, but he knew what he wanted to do.  Then he asked if he could have something to go on it.  So I showed him a few different punched out shapes, and he chose the pink heart.  Mind you, I had no idea at this stage, what this was all about or what he was actually doing.  Next, he asked if I could put a little blob of glue onto the back of the heart, which he then stuck down onto the black card.  He then handed it to me and said, “Here is the card I made for you, Mummy”.  And here it is… Jamie’s first card! 🙂

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