Bush Fire Appeal

All of you who live in Australia will be aware of the horror bush fires that Victoria have suffered in recent times.  But for those of you who are from overseas and may not know just how bad they have been, more than 1000 homes were burnt down, as well as schools, shops, churches, and in some cases entire towns or communities.  There were also some 209 lives lost.

 Stampin’ Up! are also helping out by donating 50% of the retail value from the sales of ten nominated stamp sets in the period from  the 12th Feb to the 31st March.  Stampin’ Up! are such an amazing company. So far, from sales of the Bushfire Appeal Stamp Sets, they will be donating over $34,600 to the Australian Red Cross in Victoria.  I am really proud to be a demonstator with a company which is willing to donate to other people in times of need, and which has a heart.

 If you are in another country but would still like to donate to the appeal, you can do so by donating to the Red Cross.   I can assure you that even a couple of dollars will be received with gratitude from all of us who live in this beautiful but unpredictable country.

I will be running a fundraising class on March 22nd, please check out the Upcoming Events page for more details.  We will be making a set of  gorgeous cards using the Baroque Motifs Stamp Set, and here is the folder we will be making to put the cards in.

Contact me on 02 62597412 or 0408639475 or email doug_chris@myacn.net.au

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