Colours of Joy

Art Journal Day 3

Today was an exploration of the colours that really give me joy.  So many times in my past I have had people tell me what colours I should wear, or should decorate the house with etc.  Oh yes, they mean well with their advice, however they don’t take into consideration that perhaps the colours they like or think I should like, are not the colours that give me joy.    Many of that advice comes from early years, but it is still that voice in my head.
So I told the voice in my head to be quiet, picked a colouring page from a book, and chose colours that give me joy!
The reason I used a pre-printed colouring page, so that I could focus entirely on colour and not be thinking about design or anything else, just colour.

What do you think?
I used Alcohol Markers to colour my page.
I love, love, love these colours!  Some of the colours are not surprising, I love purples and pinks however I was always told I was better with pastels, but I just love the intensity of these purples and pinks.  The green, yellow and red really surprised me though, those are colours that I wouldn’t think of as “my” colours.
Having completed this journal page, I now find myself looking at the clothes I wear and realising how bland and uninteresting they are, and that I don’t like any of them.  For now I have to put up with my wardrobe and be patient, but the process has been started and from now on I will look differently at colour in all sorts of ways.
What are your colours?

Happy journalling.


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